Photos & Story by Ted Amsden

Driving down the hill into Gores Landing,  it is impossible to miss Pitcher’s Place restaurant on the left hand side of the road. A singular building with lots parking it it offers an inviting spot to take a break for a treat or a meal.

Allan Gordon and Shanna Layton have been at the cooking helm of this Rice Lake restaurant for the past two years and a month.

They have taken it in a much more creative direction than the previous owners. Says Allan, “We changed it to a locavore, casual fine dining. Or a casual local with fine dining ideas where you can enjoy a nice meal, locally sourced and you don’t have to wear a suit and tie.”

Seating about 40, the restaurant menu offers New Canadian Comfort Cuisine. Food is locally sourced from such places as Chick-a-biddy farms, Gleanlea Farm, and Linwood Acres Trout.

“We grab from anywhere. What inspires us,  grabs us…Canada is multi-cultural country… we done things from Mexican to Vietnamese to Greek to French, Scottish, German...basically whatever we feel the season needs at that time.”

The big thing is trying to find it locally. We prepare our menu with a seasonal mindset.

“We are both industry-trained. We have about twenty years of experience between the two of us. Shanna worked for The Pearl Diver in Toronto, the AGO, Pangaea, and Origin.
I worked at the CN Tower and Bridgehead in Ottawa.”
says Allan.

Asked about what they serve, he replied “Not what you are going to find anywhere else. There is nowhere else in the area that does things the way that we do.”

A look at the new menu reflects this. Check out these offerings: Chilean Cazula: 24 hour Brined Omemee Chicken Leg Balontine Chilean one pot dinner and Ethiopian Injera Platter for 2 to 4 persons: Atkilt wot, Azifa, Gomen, Shiro, Fasolia, Alicha, Misir Wot, beet salad plus tomato salad.

Please note the hours of service before driving up there.

8642 Lander Road at Burnham Street:
Gores Landing, Rice Lake:905.342.2832:

Wednesday to Sunday: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm & 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm or 10:00ish.
At the moment, no lunches served on Wednesday.
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~ Photos & Story by Ted Amsden