Grafton-area residents who promote locally-grown food want students to enjoy a “taste of home.”

Northumberland Food for Thought Coordinator Beth Kolisnyk (third from left) recently accepted a $1,120 donation from organizers of last fall’s 100-Mile Diet Event in Grafton. Presenting the donation are (from left) June Mallory, David Lander, Bev Silk, Olivia Gibbs, Wanda Smith and John Wilson. Absent from the photo are two other event organizers: Sharron MacDonald and Christine Hammond.

Members of St. Andrew’s United Church in Grafton recently donated $1,120 to Northumberland Food For Thought (NFFT). The money was raised from the 100-Mile Diet Event organized by the church last fall.

“We’re very pleased to be supporting local farmers and growers, as well as helping ensure local students don’t go hungry and have the food they need to learn to their full potential,” adds Bev Silk, one of the 100-Mile Diet Event organizers.

Since its inception 10 years ago, money raised from the 100-Mile Diet Event has regularly gone to support student nutrition programs in Northumberland County.

This year’s donation will be used to purchase locally-grown apples to offer to students who take advantage of the nutrition programs in place at each school. This is a fitting use of the funds according to Beth Kolisnyk, the Community Development Coordinator with Northumberland Food For Thought.

“It’s great that proceeds from an event that promotes Northumberland-grown food will be used to purchase a taste of home for local students,” she says. “Fresh fruits are a healthy food for helping students learn in class and the fact that this fruit is locally-grown really fits in with the spirit of the church’s fundraising event.”

Northumberland Food For Thought is grateful for the decade-long support of the 100-Mile Diet Event organizers. “They exemplify the spirit of giving,” Kolisnyk notes. “Without individuals, organizations and businesses giving of their time, talents and financial support, we would not be able to support the hundreds of students in Northumberland County who use our services every day.”

Northumberland Food For Thought is the non-profit partnership that supports student nutrition programs in schools across the region. Some programs offer a full sit-down breakfast before class starts while others deliver snack bins to classrooms. These programs are free, voluntary and play an important role in helping ensure students aren’t distracted by hunger so that they can learn in the classroom to their full potential.

Along with donations from residents and local businesses, student nutrition programs also receive financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services through its lead local agency, the Peterborough Family Resource Centre.

For more information or to support/volunteer with Northumberland Food For Thought, call (905) 269-2712 or visit