Article and image of Steve Clarke by Bill Hornbostel

After suffering the loss of family members to cancer in the last couple of years, Cobourg real estate agent Steve Clarke began to think about how to become more involved in the community.

“After my father passed away, my grandmother passed away, and a cousin also, I began reflecting on what’s important. It made me want to be involved with things, and I wanted to do something closer to home and more directly impactful.”

It was then that Clarke came upon the idea of the 100 Who Care, a new type of charitable group that has been springing up around North America. These groups aspire to have at least 100 members whose members give a small amount of money which is then donated to a local charity.

“It seems like a fantastic concept,” says Clarke. “It’s not a huge investment of time or money or effort for any of the individual members, but collectively can make a pretty big impact.”

A Northumberland chapter of 100 Women Who Care was founded in 2016.

So Grafton-born Clarke founded 100 Guys Giver 110% Northumberland. “The ‘giver a hundred and ten’ was one of my dad’s country sayings, so that’s why that’s thrown into the name, so it’s a little bit of a shout-out to him,” says Clarke.

Clarke has not gone it alone; he has had extensive support from other community members such as Drew Macklin, Vice President at Cobourg property manager Linmac, and Ron Clow, an insurance agent with Sun Life Financial.

Any member will be able to nominate the local charity which will receive money from the group. At each meeting, the group hear presentations from three different local charities and then vote on which charity receives the donation. Each member is asked to pledge $50. “The idea being,” says Clarke, “If we have our goal of a hundred members, we’ll be able to provide a cheque for $5000 to the charity we’ve selected.”

The first meeting of the group will be on February 13 at the Lions Club of Cobourg Community Centre.

For more information, visit the Web site, or the Facebook page