The Northumberland Land Trust & Lone Pine Land Trust is presenting a Speaker Series. Admission is free. Amongst the many topics that will be discussed, “falling in love with the Lower Trent watershed,” flying squirrels and wolves will be covered.

Spend part of Thursday evening, January 18th, 7:00 the Cobourg Public Library, 200 Ontario Street, Cobourg with Ewa Bednarczuk. 

Ewa will be presenting, How to be alive: A Guide to Happiness that Helps the World”

Ewa Bednarczuk is an ecologist at Lower Trent Conservation where she has worked for 6 years. Ewa provides ecological and stewardship guidance and delivers environmental outreach programs. Prior to her current position, Ewa worked on conservation projects across Ontario as well as abroad including monitoring flying squirrels at Point Pelee National Park, eradicating invasive birds on a remote island, and managing a population of endangered parrots on Mauritius in the Indian Ocean (home of the extinct Dodo bird). Her goal is to make you fall in love with the Lower Trent watershed and care for our lands and streams.

Then spend part of Thursday evening, Thursday, February 15, at 7:00 p.m. to the Cobourg Public Library, 200 Ontario Street, in Cobourg with Jeff Bowman.

Jeff will be presenting, “Flying squirrels in Ontario.”

Dr Jeff Bowman is an adjunct professor at Trent University and a research scientist in the Wildlife Research and Development Section of the MNR. Dr Bowman completed his B.Sc. in Biology at Queen’s University, his M.Sc. in Biology at Laurentian University and his PhD in Biology at the University of New Brunswick. Dr Bowman’s research takes place in the boreal forest studying wildlife ecology, including studies of wolverines, caribou, martens, lynx, and flying squirrels. His research focuses on understanding how behavioural ecology of individuals translates into spatial and temporal population dynamics. In addition to his work with Trent and the MNR, he is a member of the Terrestrial Mammals Specialist Subcommittee of the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC).

And then finish off with an evening presentation by Justin Johnson on Thursday, March 15, 7:00 p.m. at the Cobourg Public Library, 200 Ontario Street, Cobourg.

Justin will be presenting on the Spatial Distribution & Hybridization of Wolves & Coyotes In Ontario.

Justin’s greatest passion is carnivore conservation and ecology. Justin is currently pursuing his Master’s at Trent University, where his research seeks to understand how hybridization is affecting wolves and coyotes across eastern North America. He is an active proponent of applied conservation and is currently working with the Ontario MNRF to help illuminate some of the threats facing our local wolves. Come by to hear a bit about the ecology and behaviour of our local wolves and coyotes and to learn about the complex issues facing the preservation of our wolves.