Cobourg Mayor Gil Brocanier marked the official sealing of the Cobourg Time Capsule January 1, 2018, during the annual New Years Levee when he deposited a previous Chain of Office into the container. The treasure store of Cobourg memorabilia holding citizen and municipal content will be opened in 2067.

The Concert Hall of Victoria Hall in Cobourg was packed for the annual event that allows the Mayor and members of the town council to greet and mix with the public informally. Extra chairs had to be brought out to accommodate the number of citizens who turned out for the Levee.

Mayor Gil Brocanier and members of council greeted members of the public upon entering the hall after they signed the guest book. A long table in the middle with sweets and more responsible food nibbles was set out for all. Members of the Concert Band of Cobourg, less in numbers than in previous years resplendent as always in their red uniforms, played familiar tunes.

Council and Mayor were led in officially by members of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet flag party. The Mayor wore full Scots regalia including a kilt showing Cobourg’s new registered tartan.

Filling in for Cobourg’s Town Crier, Poet Laureate Ted Amsden read Mandy Robinson’s First Cry of the New Year.  Afterwards, the poet delivered a poem called, Going Through Cobourg’s Nickname Alphabet. A poem listing 150 nicknames of Cobourg’s citizens living and dead written to celebrate Canada’s 150th celebration in 2017.

After recognizing the presence of various politicians, the Mayor called Co-Chairs of the Canada 150 Committee, Nicole Beatty and Peter Delanty, on stage to deliver thoughts upon the two-year-long project. Paul Allen who has been working on Cobourg’s Time Capsule was also present. After their brief remarks, the Mayor placed a Chain of Office into the Time Capsule that has been filled with items that had been added by citizens and the municipality during 2017. It is sealed until 2067 and will be officially set in a vault under the Flower Clock in the spring.

During the Mayor’s annual remarks on the events of importance to the town in 2017, he mentioned increased governmental funding for the 900 plus Seniors using the Activity Centre adding that Cobourg programs are so successful new venues for Seniors are needed. The Cobourg Parks department and the Communities In Bloom committee were given kudos for the 5 Bloom award the town won in its class in the national competition and its award for reclamation.

The success of the Northam Industrial Park was outlined. Bought for 14 million fifteen years ago, he speculated that it is worth twice that now. With one million square feet soon to be mortgage-free in March 2018, he pointed to great boon the park is both for the revenue it brings in but also for the jobs it gives to Cobourg residents. 

The town’s communication dept was mentioned for its award-winning website along with attention drawn to the importance of live-streaming council meetings that was implemented in 2017. Also, the Mayor pointed out the success of the survey asking input in the Waterfront User study. Additionally, he mentioned that on Cobourg buses there are now speakers announcing the stops. Ten new bus shelters have been erected. At the waste management facility, installation of Ozone treatment equipment has brought notice to Cobourg for leading-edge treatment in Canada with the removal of medical chemicals in the wastewater and lessening the presence of Chlorine.

Looking towards 2018, he mentioned the success and plans for the Venture 13 facility located on D’Arcy Street. He gave accolades to the very successful Cobourg Police Services Criminal Background business that brings in two million in revenue yearly. Finally, citing that Cobourg only has one opportunity to get it right, he pointed towards the importance of the upcoming waterfront development plan.