Article by Ted Amsden

I don’t know if you know it but the Mayor holds a New Year’s Eve after-party, it’s called a New Year’s Levee.

It is an entertaining event. Members of the Concert Band of Cobourg are present in their bright red uniforms playing finger-tapping music. There will be some shouting out. The Town Crier, Mandy Robinson, always gives a great cry. The town’s Poet Laureate (full disclosure: that would be me) will try his best not to anaesthetize the audience. Then the Mayor will step up to the podium and give a rundown of the town’s and council’s accomplishment during the past year. Plus, he will let all in on what the town can look forward to in the new year. There are always enlightening revelations about what the very energetic and spirited town of Cobourg is up to.

The event is a feel-good opportunity for citizens to connect with those that are looking after the community in a friendly and relaxed setting.

It is a great time to bring your kids. To give them the opportunity to meet those that look after the town’s business. To plant the seed of civic engagement. The size and decor of the Concert Hall in Victoria Hall will leave an indelible memory of Cobourg’s fine heritage.

Monday, January 1, 2018: 2 pm to 3:30: Concert Hall, Victoria Hall:905.372.4301